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Home made dog shampoo

home made dog shampoo

This home made dog shampoo can both be used for dogs and cats. Dry pet shampoo is a quick fix when you want your light haired pet to look clean without getting him wet.


You can also make wet home made dog shampoo following 1 of 5 easy to make href=”” target=_blank>home made dog shampoo’s in Rover’s Recipes Dog Treat Cookbook: a must have dog treat cookbook if you love your dog to live long and healthy feeding him cheap but good organic dog food.


With dry shampoo, you can trick your dog without him even realizing it’s bath-time: your dog will think he will be getting extra-special attention because… he is so wonderful…


Home made dry dog shampoo ingredients 


  • 1 cup flour
  • 1 cup cornmeal


How to give your dog a dry home made shampoo bath


  1. Mix the ingredients and pour them into a container roomy enough to hold the pet. A large paper box for a big pet or a deep roasting dish for a small pet will work.
  2. Place the container filled with the mixture in the bathtub and gently place your pet into the pan or box. Rub the home made dry dog shampoo by handfuls into your pet’s fur until all the goo, oil or mess has been absorbed.
  3. Gently brush the home made dry dog shampoo mixture out of the fur. Be careful to keep the mixture out of your dog’s eyes,nose and ears.
  4. Dispose of the used home made dry dog shampoo.


It’s a good idea to follow up with a regular mild shampoo at this point if you can manage it. Rover’s recipes has 6 home made dog shampoos & soap recipes to choose from:


  • Home Made Aloe Vera Pet Shampoo
  • Baby Dog Shampoo Bar
  • Organic Home Made Doggie Body and Coat Tea
  • Goat ’s Milk, Carrot & Honey Shampoo Bar
  • Rosemary Castile Soap (For Dogs & Cats)
  • Solid Doggie Shampoo Bar


Nothing beats showing your love and affection for your dog than treating him with home made dog shampoo products.


They are easy to make and much cheaper than the dog shampoo products you buy in the shop! Especially when you opt to use organic pet shampoo only, considering buying Rover’s recipes will pay off due to more than 100 quick and easy dog treat recipes.


You can also give your dog a body scrub using a mixture from baby powder and baking soda. Leave it in for a few minutes and brush it out entirely.


How to give a dog a wet bath


If your dog like my border collie doesn’t want to sit still, let alone sit still waiting for a body bath – or you need to apply a dog flea shampoo or any other medicated dog shampoo – then put some dog shampoo in a spray bottle and use the garden hose to play with your dog.


Suddenly your dog will love to get wet and it’s not too difficult to spray the dog shampoo with the spray bottle on your dog and then give him "an amazingly good rub" reward 🙂


Rinse the dog shampoo from your dog through further playing with the garden hose.


Please leave a message and share your dog’s favourite home made dog shampoo!

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