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Free puppies in Illinois

Enjoy a fun new puppy: find out where you can quickly find free puppies in Illinois


Free dogs in Illinois


Illinois puppies


The most easy way to find Illinois puppies is to put an ad on the Internet, sit back and wait.


Above is an illustration of an ad of a person looking for free puppies in Illinois on the site, more specifically at:


A more active way is to browse through the Dogs and Puppies at at:


Sort “Price low < high” and the free puppies for adoption will show up first.


Free yorkie puppies in Illinois


Free yorkie puppies in illinois


The ad for these male and female free yorkie puppies in Illinois was placed only 2 days ago on IllinoisSuperAds.


This just to illustrate you will be able to easily find free puppies in Illinois from the breed you prefer.


How to find the best puppies for adoption


When you adopt a dog, be aware of mixed breed dogs. Mixed breed dogs make excellent pets as well! But if you are looking for a pure breed, do ask for the paperwork.


A free puppy adoption from overseas locations could be a scam. Always check out the Internet what other people say about the websites you want to adopt your puppies from.


It’s recommended that you adopt puppies from shelters or responsible breeders. Always visit responsible breeders to see for yourself how clean and sanitary the premises look. When you see one sick-looking puppy in the litter, the bigger and still healthy looking dogs could become sick too.


Make your life and that of your future puppy easy by adopting puppies from healthy litters or from shelters with a veterinary. You recognize healthy puppies when:


  • they will walk straight without a limp
  • they are free of any mucous (wet or dried) around their ears, nose or eyes
  • their eyes are bright, clear and point straight ahead.


The best puppy to adopt from a litter is the puppy that wants to greet you and play with you. If they all want to play with you: choose for the desired looks and sex.


Always allocate a considerable amount of time for looking for a free puppy to adopt. In return, once you have adopted your puppy, it’s a decision you will have to live with as long as your dog will live 🙂


Free puppies in Illinois for adoption


When you want to put up free puppies in Illinois for adoption, or you want to adopt a puppy in Illinois, please leave a comment.

Free puppies for adoption 

7 million adoptable pets are killed each year, including millions of puppies… Why don’t you help to put a stop to this and adopt a puppy for free?


Free puppies for adoption brings puppy owners and people looking to adopt a puppy together. Here’s how it works:


You want to adopt a puppy?


Leave a comment and if possible add as much info about what kind of dogs and puppies you prefer.


  • do you love small or big dogs (when small you rather adopt pug puppies in stead of English bulldog puppies)
  • do you have a small or big house, apartment, garden
  • are you looking to adopt a dog for companionship, security or a jogging partner
  • how will you be able to collect your puppy


Responsible dog breeders will only give puppies for adoption when the puppies and their owner are a clear match, so explain as good as possible why you want to adopt a pet.


You have any puppies for adoption?


Leave a comment with as much info as possible about your puppies for adoption (age, vaccinations…). Also state you would prefer to adopt a puppy from your litter.


Don’t forget to mention your state and how your puppies can be collected.


How do actual puppy adoptions occur?


Browse through the comments and when you think you see a match, leave a comment and:


  • I will bring current owner and future owner together (by their emails) or
  • subscribe to the comments below and correspond through more comments.


Thanks for participating and giving up your free puppies for adoption!