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Lhasa apso puppies for adoption

Free puppies for adoption: leave a comment if you would love to have one of these 8 lhasa apso puppies for adoption.


8 lhasa apso puppies from same litter for adoption


Looking for responsible future dog owners to adopt one of these 8 lhasa apso puppies.


Lhasa apso dogs are a small bread with long and straight hair. Dog owners need to be aware that this god breed needs careful brushing with a comb twice a week.


These dogs get along well with children and any other dogs or pets. They are calm, loyal, and lovable, enjoy company, but are wary of strangers.


When training lhasa apso puppies do consider their obstinate character: don’t use harsh words but do use positive reinforcement when training your puppy.


Having normal exercise needs, being quite happy indoors and no need to go for long walks, these lhasa apso puppies are ideal for adoption when living in an apartment in a city with parks nearby (US or Canada only).