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house training a yorkie

House training a yorkie will be fun, exciting and successful when you follow these 3 tips and techniques.

Yorkies are very intelligent but have a stubborn personality. They are quick learners but they choose to obey or disobey a command. So be sure to be persistent, consistent, and firm with your yorkie always!

Yorkies love to be praised, as all dogs do, but yorkies even more.

Make sure to train your yorkie yourself. By training your dog yourself, you and your dog will form a bond that can’t be broken and your yorkie will be eager to please his master the most.

3 tips for house training your yorkie

1. Reward Good Behavior

The first way to house train your yorkie is to reward them for their good behavior. If you are trying to get your yorkie to potty outside in the grass, whenever you take them outside to potty and they do it, be sure to reward them.

Also reward your yorkie when he potties outside while you’re playing with them. This will let your dog know that it’s outside where he should potty.

2. Penalty Bad Behavior

Whenever your yorkie does his business in the house, you should discipline them, but only when you catch them in the act! Firmly say "no" and immediately take your yorkie outside to let him finish what he started. Again, reward good behavior once done.

3. Make your yorkie a potty routine

Take your yorkie outside first thing in the morning, at mid-day, and again at night. In case your yorkie will have to go more than that, allow them to do so outside. But this is a good way for them to get on your schedule.

It will also encourage them to go potty. Once they figure out that’s why you’re taking them outside, they will make it a regular routine.

Crate training a yorkie

Crate training can make the process of house training a yorkie much easier: using a crate will keep yorkies confined so they can’t do their business in your house when they would want to.

Make sure a crate becomes your yorkie’s sanctuary and not a convenient way to get rid of your yorkie when you are not around.

Dog crates come in many different sizes, but you need to make sure you find one that is the right size for your yorkie. You don’t want one that is so small that they can’t move in, and you don’t want one that’s too large, or your yorkie will pee in it. You need to find one that is just enough room for them to walk around in.

You will want to put a comfy blanket or doggie bed in their crate to keep them comfortable. Don’t put too much in there at first in the event your yorkie has an accident in it.

Your yorkie should stay in their crate during the nighttime and when no one is at home. This keeps them from roaming the house freely and prevents them from having accidents in the house. Just remember to take them outside to go potty first thing in the morning or when you get home.

If your Yorkie has an accident inside the house, don’t punish them by making them go their crate. You don’t want them to think that their crate is a form of punishment.

Always make sure the crate is a secure, comfortable area for your yorkie. Especially small dogs will actually like being in their crates because they feel safe and comfortable in it.

Crate training works wonders if done correctly. Don’t be surprised that after house training a yorkie, they may still prefer to sleep in their crate.