Cedar filled dog beds

cedar filled dog beds

We and our dog love cedar filled dog beds as cedar helps to repel fleas and keeps the dog bed and our room smelling fresh.


Cedar bedding versus pine bedding


Cedar filling makes a big difference! Cedar repels moths and fleas and repelling fleas is always a plus.


I do love the smell of cedar. We have a large dog and although our website is called air filled dog beds, we use a cedar filling dog bed which fills the whole dog room with cedar smell!


Cedar dog bed


cedar dog bed


If you go and buy a new dog bed, consider buying a cedar dog bed for the same advantages as mentioned above.


These dog beds with cedar also have the natural cedar aroma that reduces pet odors. Your cedar dog bed makes a good indoor and outdoor dog bed. Make sure to ask your salesperson whether the cedar dog bed is washable!


Know that there are also orthopedic cedar dog beds on sale to give dogs with chronic pain a comfortable and supportive rest. These dog beds have normally a thick convoluted foam insert in addition to the cedar liner.


If you don’t want fleas and enjoy a house smelling like cedar, do buy cedar filled dog beds or when buying a complete new bed, do consider buy a dog bed entirely made in cedar.

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