Clever dog names

picture of cerberus 3 headed dogLooking for clever dog names to add extra meaning to your dog? Clever dog names aim to what you want your dog should grow up to. For example:

Do you have an watchdog like a bull dog, a Rotweiler or a pitbull? Then a great name for these kind of K9s with this job would be Cerberus (Latin) or less refined and more angry (angry for burglers and the kind of course, if you watch Cesar Milan – The Dog Whisperer – , you know that a good packleader-owner will have friendly dogs in their family) still : Kerberos (Greek name)!

In Greek mythology: Kerberos was the 3 headed watch dog of hell: no living creature could pass this watchdog, or if you put it differently: the only way to get passed this dog was to die for it…

A great , clever and fierce watch dog name, don’t you feel safe already just telling your friends your dogs’ name is Kerberos?

watch dog

Kerberos: clever dog name based on a "watchdog from hell!"

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  1. 1 HoundsGood
    2008 Mar 19

    You write:
    Do you have an angry watchdog like a bull dog, a Rotweiler or a pitbull?

    As an animal oriented site owner, I am sure you know that you will probably get angry comments for making the assumption that pitbulls and Rotties are angry dogs. Many Rottweilers are just big overgrown goofy puppies, and some of the biggest kissers I have known have been pitbulls. Unfortunately, Hollywood always casts them and Dobermans as the snappy junk yard dogs, or snarling at some rich person’s house. The stereotypes are just that – stereotypes.

    Because of the stereotype, those names don’t fky as “ironic” names for these dogs even if they are- like naming a Yorkie Big Joe Killer or naming a great dane Thumbelina.

  2. 2 The Dogs Name
    2008 Mar 19

    Just removed the word “angry”, I had burglers in mind that could get a big scare seeing the mentioned dogs.

  3. 3 desperateblogger
    2008 Apr 12

    but my rott is not an angry dog. he is lovable and very affectionate to us.

  4. 4 German Import Rottweilers | The Dogs Name
    2008 Apr 29

    […] got some comments in my Clever dog names post about Rottweilers as if I am advocating that Rottweilers are bad. Well, I am […]

  5. 5 The Dogs Name
    2008 Apr 29


    I totally agree: Rottweilers are chubby lovely dogs for their owners and do a good job guarding their owners! You can read more Facts about Rottweilers

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