dachshund desktop wallpaper

Click on each dachshund picture below to download your favorite dachshund desktop wallpaper.

Dachshund puppies

dachshund puppies

If you are looking for a family dog in stead of a desktop wallpaper, consider adopting a Weiner dog or dachshund.

Make sure you contact a pet friendly dog breeder and don’t buy your dog in a shop nor puppy mall. And if you don’t want to spend much money, do visit your local animal shelter or find a more specialized dachshund rescue.

Dachshunds are ideal family dogs: these dogs are sporty, very devoted and also very intelligent. Fun but adequate dachshund training will be very awarding for yourself, your children and your dog as well.

Dachshunds are an excellent choice when you have only a small home but are looking for a good watch dog. Unlike their small size would let you imagine, the bark of dachshund dogs is very loud.

dachshund desktop wallpaper

Weiner dogs are slightly aggressive to strangers. Add to that: these little dogs are extremely alert, and you found your ideal small breed to alarm you when strangers are entering your house or property.

Although Weiner dogs are independent, they overly crave for attention and for belonging to a family.


Dachshunds love to hunt, so if you have a little garden, your dog will show his fun and feisty hunting skills.

Once you have your dachshund desktop wallpaper installed, you will be reminded every day it’s getting time to adopt real dachshund puppies one day 🙂

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