dachshund rescue Georgia

Please help out with this dachshund rescue in Georgia.

The above dog to rescue is called Rosie. She went missing on 11/22/2008 from Bald Eagle Road in the Bold Springs Area of Franklin County, Georgia.

This red miniature dachshund belongs to Gina Marie Lunsford, and when you think you have seen her beautiful miniature dachshund, give here a call on the number you can find here.

Hopefully Rosie is in the hands of people who love to adopt a dog or adopt a puppy. For the latter we repeat that dachshunds are a small breed and Rosie is a short haired miniature dachshund, full blooded, spayed female weighing about 9 pounds.

This cute dog has some extensive scars on her left side and back from stitches last summer and the fur hasn’t yet grown back.

When Gina Marie’s red miniature dachshund disappeared, she was only wearing a flea collar. The sad news is that this dog doesn’t have a microchip. Lost pets are so much easier to be returned when they are microchipped!

According to Gina Marie, her dog is very friendly and likes to ride in cars. But even if you see a dog that fits Rosie’s description but not acting very friendly, you need to know that dachshunds are always a bit aggressive to total strangers at first.

Gina Marie thinks her dog has been taken by some by-passer who by mistake would have thought the dog is a stray. Logically this by-passer would have carried the dog to the nearest dog rescue or any of the other pet adoption centers.

So if you have adopted a dachshund from any rescue in Georgia lately: have a look if she is having scars.

When yes and it’s a red miniature dachshund looking like the dog in the picture above: please contact Gina Marie, who would be happy to give you a reward!

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