dog obedience training tip

The most important of all dog obedience training tips in order to have a happy dog doing what you want him to do is: always be consistent.

Always remember that your dog wants to please you but he needs to have a firm understanding of the rules how to please you.

No matter which dog obedience training method you use:

  • clicker
  • leash
  • or reward,

you have to be consistent.

Your dog will always test the rules you have set forth for him. It may be only once per month at first but if you don’t react each and every time in the same way, your dog will try more to break the rules.

Other dog obedient training tip that works

  • Positive reinforcement results in an increase in the frequency and intensity of a behavior.
  • Negative reinforcement results in a decrease in the frequency and intensity of a behavior.

In other words: reward your dog when they are doing good and give your dog a penalty when your dog isn’t obedient.

Never punish or scold your dog under obedience training. A punishment will put in negative feelings into your dog. Praise him for a good behavior instead.

Penalize your dog. Make note that "penalize" is different than "punish".

A "penalty" can be anything that your dog does not like. It may be a leash jerk, not moving when he’s on leash so there’s no walk or just ignoring him. This would make him feel guilty and behave in a way he knows pleases you.

Dog obedience training summarized

Dog obedience training can be difficult if not impossible if you do not know what you are doing.

However if done properly both you and your dog will be much happier. Make sure to always follow the number 1 dog obedience training tip: consistency rules!

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