Dog Spirit Guide

dog spirit guideA few basic dog spirit guidelines you should know before you get yourself dog or trainer.

First you need to find out what kind of dog you have and give them the guidance they are breed for. Just like you would do with your kids; find out what they like and give them an appropriate education!

For instance: German Import Rottweilers are good working dogs, so make sure they are trained to do a lot of things. Hunting dogs say it all: they need to be trained to find stuff…

So do some research before you start training your dogs to understand their basic needs, what they are good in and how intelligent they are.

Keep also in mind that each dog is different: my border collie is the nicest playful dog in the world, yet he did put his teeth in my arm whilst training the down command. Just watch a dog show and you will notice that border collies really can’t sit still that well, so a down command needs some special attention.

You need to know that bored dogs cause problems. And big bored dogs create big problems…

But if you keep your dog’s mind stimulated on a daily basis, you will have a happy dog. And happy dogs make happy owners (and vice versa!).

So don’t look at training as a boring class for your dog and yourself: it has to be fun and it will keep your relationship with your dog a happy one!

We will continue posting more dog spirit guide tips when you ask a question in the comment section below.

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