Free Dogs for Adoption Services

Free dogs for adoption brings dog owners, dog shelters, dog rescues in touch with people looking to adopt a dog.

About 10 million adoptable pets are killed each year, including millions of dogs! Thanks for helping a stop to this and adopting a dog.

If you have any dog for adoption…

Then you leave a comment telling others about:

  • free dogs for adoptionage of the dog
  • medical record of the dog
  • why the dog is up for adoption
  • how would you like the new responsible owner to be? (having a garden, having kids…)
  • where you live and how the dog can be collected or if possible will be delivered

If you want to adopt a dog…

Then you leave a comment telling dog owners:

  • what kind of dog you are looking for
  • what you have to offer for your adopted dog
  • which dogs you love more (size, barking dogs, silent dogs, male or female, which breed, pure breed or mixed breed…)
  • what kind of accommodation you have yourself and for the dog you want to adopt (small apartment, big house with big garden, in walking distance of a park…)
  • why you want to adopt or rescue a dog (looking companionship, for security or for a jogging partner)
  • how you can collect the dog of your preference

Responsible dog breeders and shelters are looking for equally responsible dog owners before they will give up free dogs for adoption.

How dog adoptions proceed once there is a match?

To get a match, browse through all the comments here. Once you see a dog your prefer, leave a comment so our site will email both current owner and future owner. For this you need to subscribe to the comment below and correspond through more comments.

If people do ask for money (transport, vaccination…), never pay upfront, dog owners are a friendly lot and understand that if payment is needed, it will be done after you received a dog.

We thank you in name of all free dogs that are ready for adoption!