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  1. 1 Tersia
    2009 Sep 04

    I am looking for an adult Jack Russell, we offer a loving home and live next to the ocean which means a lot of fun walks on the beach, we currently have a boerbull that desperitely needs a boisterous friend (preferably female). We are situated in Port Elizabeth.

  2. 2 brian archer
    2010 Jan 18

    i want to adopt a female white german shepherd for my girlfriend for her birthday march28th so she can safely go walking again. if you have one and live in florida please call 386-538-6930. asap thanx

  3. 3 Jill
    2010 Dec 03

    I have a wonderful 5 yr old Terrier Mix. He’s about 60 lbs, loves the outdoors in his big fenced in yard, great on leash and enjoys long walks. He’s house-trained and stays off furniture. He prefers calm, relaxed environment with a family who’s got lots of love to give. Unfortunately for him our 2 small children are too loud and crazy for his liking, and he doesn’t want to come inside anymore. We feel bad leaving him in the yard with little attention. He needs a home with older kids or no kids at all so he can be a part of the family indoors too.

  4. 4 K Martin
    2010 Dec 19

    looking for a puppy yorkie/poodle or shi tzu for free. Please let me know if you live in the nj area. I have a loving family and house to take of it. I’m kind hearted and will be a great care taker.

  5. 5 Peggy Kingery
    2011 Jan 15

    I had a yorkie mix adopted and he was the best dog I could have ever asked for, however while staying with family he got ran over. I have a home of my own now and really need a companion. Yorkie is my best fit because I’m disabled and don’t get out much, enough to take him for short walks. I can’t vaccume furniture w/o pain so the non-shedding is a must. I miss my little buddy so much but I can no way afford the adoption rates asked. I would like a mature dog also so housebreaking is done or easier. If there is anyone out there needing a good home for their best friend please contact me. I would pay for transportation.

  6. 6 maria
    2011 Mar 23

    Looking for chihuahua if is free

  7. 7 maria
    2011 Mar 23

    My name is maria inn I look for a dog small dog a chihuahua

  8. 8 Rachid Soutou
    2011 Mar 26

    I want to adopt a black male Doberman, I’m from Lebanon, for info please send an e mail to [email protected]

  9. 9 Zohaib Eric
    2011 Mar 27

    i want to adopt a good family dog like labrador,golden reteriver,bullmastiff and German shepherd is also fine…i love dogs i already have 1 pointer,1 doberman and labrador.i have good place for dogs.waiting for your reply…

  10. 10 Sunny Kalra
    2011 Mar 30

    Hi my self sunny 25 yrs of age lives in Delhi INDIA. I had a Labrador his age was 3yrs but someone has stolen him from my house so i am looking to adopt a sporty breed dog for free.
    I have a medium house with a park with 1min walking distance. As me and my hole family is dog lover but we cant afford to buy them . Age of the dog should not be more than 6 months we love medium and giant(PURE BREEDS) both breeds.

  11. 11 gopi chand
    2011 Apr 16

    we r looking for golden retriever

  12. 12 Savannah Boone
    2011 May 14

    I want a medium or small sized dog that is active and good with kids also free and located near pasadena maryland

  13. 13 dajah
    2011 Jul 03

    Looking for a free dog. The younger the better. I would prefer a guard dog. Barking dog prefered as well.

  14. 14 tyler
    2011 Aug 07

    I am looking to adopt a female pitbull terrier mix (or similiar mix) my parents are giving me trouble because every dog i see that I like is too exepensive. I’ve been searching for a free or cheap dog like this for a long time. If someone could help me out I would greatly appreciate it. please call at 610-272-1474 or 610-441-4776 (Lives in the southeastern pa area)

  15. 15 Rita
    2011 Oct 15

    We have a 5 to 6 month old mix, male. I believe a little jack russell, chihuhua,
    Maybe mini doby or rotti. We live in Orange count ny, will drop off in approx area with cage. Tommy will go for walks without a leash and not run off, helices the outdoors and will sit quietly while you work out doors. He still needs house training. We have three dogs already he makes four and was kind of dumped on us and we do not just want to put him the pound. He really is a very nice puppy, very playful.

  16. 16 aileen
    2011 Dec 18

    i am looking for a puppy may i be shiba inu or a german sheperd
    i offer a loving and comfortable home
    male or female is fine and i prefer pure or mixed breed
    i have a big house and mid sized garden
    i want to have a companion thats why i want to adopt one
    it can be sent to me here in the philippines if thats okay and you can email me the bill of the shipping and well disscus it

  17. 17 Bonita
    2017 Feb 09

    Looking for dog for me and my grandkids

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