Free puppies for adoption 

7 million adoptable pets are killed each year, including millions of puppies… Why don’t you help to put a stop to this and adopt a puppy for free?


Free puppies for adoption brings puppy owners and people looking to adopt a puppy together. Here’s how it works:


You want to adopt a puppy?


Leave a comment and if possible add as much info about what kind of dogs and puppies you prefer.


  • do you love small or big dogs (when small you rather adopt pug puppies in stead of English bulldog puppies)
  • do you have a small or big house, apartment, garden
  • are you looking to adopt a dog for companionship, security or a jogging partner
  • how will you be able to collect your puppy


Responsible dog breeders will only give puppies for adoption when the puppies and their owner are a clear match, so explain as good as possible why you want to adopt a pet.


You have any puppies for adoption?


Leave a comment with as much info as possible about your puppies for adoption (age, vaccinations…). Also state you would prefer to adopt a puppy from your litter.


Don’t forget to mention your state and how your puppies can be collected.


How do actual puppy adoptions occur?


Browse through the comments and when you think you see a match, leave a comment and:


  • I will bring current owner and future owner together (by their emails) or
  • subscribe to the comments below and correspond through more comments.


Thanks for participating and giving up your free puppies for adoption!


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94 Responses

  1. 1 nita
    2012 Mar 09

    My little sister and I really want a teacup yorkie ,teacup chichua or a pug ,please keep us in the loop please we really want one !

  2. 2 susana
    2012 Mar 20

    My girls really love to have any puppies to adoption.They would have a good home and good family.If you let us adoption your puppys we will walk he/she ,feed him/she and take care of him/she.We live on Larkspur st. 14870.THANK YOU for reading there.

  3. 3 Anaxagors Foreman
    2012 Mar 20

    lovely Labrador-Retriever puppy out for urgent adoption . i am over occupied until i have no time to spend in the house with this my puppy . he is ready to go to his new family . he is going to make an excellent addition to any family . he will come to you completely , current on all vaccinations and warmer and the following ; vet check, health certificate, health guarantee, full registration papers, micro chipped , Pedigree , puppy cage and EU travel passport . if interested then contact via email.

  4. 4 summer
    2012 Mar 24

    hi i looking for a female shih tzu for adoption currently i and my bf have a male shih tzu that we adopt it by a owner for free .. after a long while we wanted one more dog to be mate with our dog.

  5. 5 jeni
    2012 Apr 10

    longing for a yorkie or mix there of two other young pups to play with and four responsible children to help care for the little darling large yard love walks anything pup wants or needs however one word of caution this doggy will be spoiled rotten!

  6. 6 Savanah
    2012 Apr 25

    My name is savanah, I am 11 years old and have never had a dog. I have a little brother who is 5 years old. He has never owned a puppy and we have been begging my mom for a puppy and I think we are getting an apartment soon.

    My parents are divorced and my mom couldn’t afford our last apartment so we live with my dad, we would get a puppy but my dad hates puppies, my mom just found a new job and is getting paid better so we might get an apartment soon, and hopefully a new puppy to. I hope we get one of those puppies because that make us so much happier.

    Thank you for taking the time to read this comment


  7. 7 celina
    2012 May 04

    i have young Yorkshire puppies for free adoption and be very willing to give them to you if you are still interested in getting some young puppies.
    i live at az phoenix with my husband and we are giving out our lovely puppies for adoption because they were owned by our daughter who just pass away and the present of this puppies brings back memories of our only child so we were advised by my colleague to give them up to any responsible home that will be willing to pay just for the transport fare that is their flight ticket to your destinatin.
    so if you are ok with this then you get back to me.

  8. 8 Katie
    2012 May 05

    Hi celina can send me the image .. Tks [email protected]

  9. 9 Summer
    2012 May 06

    Hi celina I interested can email me [email protected]

  10. 10 Sandra V
    2012 May 25

    I am looking for a male english bulldog puppy.

  11. 11 Angelo
    2012 Jun 02

    We are a Yorkie Rescue home,Raising puppies from brith too a good and loving homes If you are having trouble with your litter or your bitch has expired we can help, Please call Angelo at 352.433.2498.

  12. 12 moorine
    2012 Jun 02

    hello i have got some good pair of Siberian husky puppies for free adoption if you need then you get back to me

  13. 13 wendi Tackett
    2012 Jun 09

    I am looking for a teacup chihuahua p uppy for adoption, for free. I have looked everywhere, but i cannot afford the prices that people are asking.I dont care if it has papers or not.I am just looking for a baby to spoil . My kids are grown, and i have grandkids,but they are still small. Plus i dont get to spend as much time with them as i would like. I would rather have a female, but if a male is all that is available, I’ll take what i can get. Thanks

  14. 14 Jane Moore
    2012 Jun 10

    My daughter is fighting A L L Leukemia. She would love to own a very small dog to keep her company while she goes through her very long treatment with the hope of a long remission or possibly a cure. She lives in a condo near me and they only allow very small dogs. We live in CT and I would love to find her a puppy to love and to love her. Please let me know if someone has a puppy for her. This will bring joy into her life!

  15. 15 whitney
    2012 Jun 10

    Im looking for a very tiny puppy for me and my young son. we have a place thats plenty spacious. Im looking for a loyal pup and a good companion. Iv been looking at tea cup chihuahuas but, whatever is tiny and cute and would be great for me and my son.

  16. 16 christine biddle
    2012 Jun 12

    thousands of dogs in shelters die everyday. please consider them before you respond to an ad here. i responded to 2 ads here for free pupies and they were both scams trying to get money. both people who had “free” puppies wanted me to send them money for shipping the dogs. when i told them that i would pay if the shipping company contacted me directly, they decided they didn’t want to do business with me anymore! BEWARE!!!!

  17. 17 aleeiah
    2012 Jun 18

    I want a puppy that the person who owns it is willing to give free shipping.

  18. 18 Free puppies for Adoption
    2012 Jun 18

    Dear Christine,

    Please state which 2 ads people should be not responding to.

    Same happened to me when asking for a vet card of a puppy, the vet card was dated 2008, so do your homework!

    For people who want to give away: make sure you give away your pet to responsable owners (preferably with a proven track record of having dogs), not to puppy mill breeders nor to any middle man selling the puppies to puppy mills.

    For people who want to adopt: make sure all the paper work is up to date and contact the people who delivered the paperwork to doublecheck that it is genuine. Anybody asking for money is obviously not giving away the puppy for free. As shown by Christine “they didn’t want to do business”… this is a free service, not a business. BEWARE, check and do your homework.

  19. 19 Andrell Joyner
    2012 Jul 02

    Hello, I am looking for a Yorkie for my 10 yr old daughter. She wants a pet so bad, we finally found a home that allows pets and she is so tearful in wanting a dog. I promised her one but its been hard to find a small one that does not cost the price of a car. I am a disabled parent who loves my child and want her to be happy at all costs. Please help, I am willing to adopt a pet because these pets need love too just like the ones the breeders sell.

  20. 20 moorine
    2012 Jul 09

    hello can you contact via my email [email protected]
    for more infos on how you can finally adopt my puppies

  21. 21 serah ford
    2012 Jul 17

    Hi, mi name is Sarah and am breeder for over 10 years now.i still have two marmoset babies
    marmoset. the babies are:
    – socialized with kids and other house hold pets
    – will be coming along side with all details of vaccination
    ,DE-wormed and microchip
    also come with the following papers;
    # Health guarantee
    # Vaccine record
    # registration papers
    # Microchip Registration
    # Pedigree
    # Nutrition supplement
    # Traveling Crate
    If you are interested in giving these baby a
    wonderful home kindly Provide
    answers to the following questions
    Do you have pet?
    Do you have enough time to spend with the baby and care for them?
    Will the baby be able to find a lovely home with you?
    Which breed are you interested in?
    Where are you located?

  22. 22 Daniella Holmes
    2012 Aug 23

    Greetings to you all i have a lovely male yorkie for free adoption and he is healthy and his name is rogers and he is 6months old is waiting for a lovelly home .

  23. 23 Mariesha George
    2012 Aug 24

    Hello my name is Mariesha I would like to adopt a free yorkie puppy or willing to pay. My 2 year old daughter & I would love one. She loves small dogs & is very good with them so I am looking for us a cute small puppy..

  24. 24 alexs
    2012 Nov 02

    Hello my name is alexs and i would like to get my girlfriend a puppie for our 3year anniversary a begal or siberian husky please i dont know where to look but i live in hyattsville maryland so anywhere around here or in dc would be helpful thank you.

  25. 25 Joy
    2012 Dec 09

    Hello, I want a free yorkie puppy or willing to pay.

  26. 26 Marylaticia
    2012 Dec 17

    If you want a Yorkie puppy contact Marylaticia[at] for more pic and info.

    Webmaster’s update: The owner of the above email had puppies on offer in an ad dating from March 09, 2012 at

  27. 27 Lily Perna
    2013 Jan 10

    I am looking for a yorkie pup. i live in Tennessee White House to be exact. my brother lost his wife and yorkie (lily rose) on thanksgivjng day of this year I am looking for a little tea cup yorkie for him/ if anyone can help please contact me at [email protected] i am hoping to get one close so i can pick it up i am just north of nashville

  28. 28 Ann
    2013 Jan 11

    I am looking for a small breed to share my life with. I have a 2000 sq ft home with a small doggy door built into the back door already. I have about a 2000 sq ft back yard of grass for the puppy to run around. I stay at home and take online classes while my husband works so the puppy would get a lot of care and attention. I am familiar with dogs as I grew up with a black lab. My husband also grew up with dogs (tea cup chihuahua, german shepard mix, and a basset hound). I like all dogs but I would prefer a tea cup or toy breed. The breed mixes I like best are Maltese, chihuahua, Pom, min pin, all kinds of small terriers, Charles spaniel, dauchsund, papillon. I also like some bigger dogs like shar peis, choc/black/gold Labradors, collies. They just have to have medium to long hair. No bull dogs or pit bulls, I have allergies from their dander.
    I live in Phoenix, AZ. Thanks

  29. 29 Jasmine
    2013 Jan 14

    I want a vanilla tea cup chuiuaua for free.

  30. 30 Elizabeth
    2013 Apr 22

    Hi, I work from home and would love to have a puppy to keep me company. I am looking for a small young breed, not picky at all but would prefer a bulldog or yorshire. Thank you, I live in Northern CA

  31. 31 Kristy
    2013 Apr 25

    Hello everyone! I am looking for a bulldog puppy hopefully for free. I am willing to pay a small amount but not too much. if nobody has a bulldog puppy for free I am willing to get other puppies as well for free. We currently have a boxer mix that we adopted about 6 yes ago, so we are familiar with dogs and puppies. So, if anyone has any puppies, PLEASE let me know. thank you so much!!

  32. 32 fonda
    2013 Apr 26

    We have recently had to put our baby dog to sleep due to him getting loose from the leash and running out in front of a car ( which did not stop) . Our life is not the same without him. He was my companion my confidant and mostly my best friend. We are looking for a small New baby dog. My mom has a yorkie and he is precious to or family. Please contact me through email

  33. 33 Patsy
    2013 May 07

    Are they free to adopt? I want a teacup chihuahua, I have an average-sized house.

  34. 34 pam
    2013 May 11

    hello , i am looking for free maltese or a yorkie to adopt.

  35. 35 Hazel Williams
    2016 Mar 01

    Hi Me and My Husband are looking for a free small yorkie or an puppy that does not get big over time. We have two parakeets and have raise three blue nose pit bulls over the years. We will as any pet owner bath them, feed them, play with them, put them in benefields puppy training school. My husband work as an sheriff in our home town so your puppy will have a quiet lovey happy home. We have no kids but we do have nieces and nephews that come over all the time and love the animals we care for. Please fill free to contact me thank you.

  36. 36 Evangeline Palos
    2016 Mar 19

    I love adopting a small Yorkshire terrier. I live in Aventura and it is a house with a small garden and a pool. It is also a gated community. I am living with my two aunts and we are all working but love to have a pet for company.

  37. 37 Melanie Ramirez
    2016 May 29

    Fonda…. I have a full breed chihuahua and would like to trade it for your Yorkie if you are interested my # is : (661) 375-4710

  38. 38 Linda Covert
    2016 Jun 04

    hi, I have room for two puppies in my life. prefer larger breed dog such as examples: golden retriever/shepherd mix , husky/shepherd mix or full blood. Boy or girl it doesn’t matter, they’ll be loved by me and my family for years lord willing. Thank you, Linda

  39. 39 Jayden Johnson
    2016 Jun 12

    I am looking for either a Brittany,beagle, or a german shepard. I am in the army and would like a nice companion for my fiance that would also serve as a good guard dog.

  40. 40 Amanda Thornton
    2016 Jun 14

    Hello I am wanting a free teacup Yorkie?? I am an animal lover and I am looking for another puppy for me. I live in a big beautiful home with my kids who also love animals!

  41. 41 Melissa Sukhu
    2017 Mar 01

    Hi I Want A Little Puppy that doesnt Grow Big It’s for My Son For His Birthday He Will Abe Two & When He Goes In The Yard He Would Run & Play its Time For Me To Get Him A Puppy To Grow With .

    2017 Mar 05

    I would Love to have a free teacup Yorkie a girl Or any small dog thats good with kids I really love animals and i would give it a great home with lots of love I live in Tennessee Thanks

  43. 43 Victoria
    2019 Jan 23

    I would love a free French Bulldog

  44. 44 Angela
    2019 Jan 29

    My husband, my 10 year old daughter and I really want a small dog to complete our happy family. We are ready to give him lots of love and attention (male dog preferred). We live in a small 2 bedroom home with a backyard. We are close to parks and would love to take him for walks. We would like a small dog maybe something like a Corgi. If anyone is interested in their dog going to a good home please keep us in mind. Thanks!

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