Free puppies in Illinois

Enjoy a fun new puppy: find out where you can quickly find free puppies in Illinois


Free dogs in Illinois


Illinois puppies


The most easy way to find Illinois puppies is to put an ad on the Internet, sit back and wait.


Above is an illustration of an ad of a person looking for free puppies in Illinois on the site, more specifically at:


A more active way is to browse through the Dogs and Puppies at at:


Sort “Price low < high” and the free puppies for adoption will show up first.


Free yorkie puppies in Illinois


Free yorkie puppies in illinois


The ad for these male and female free yorkie puppies in Illinois was placed only 2 days ago on IllinoisSuperAds.


This just to illustrate you will be able to easily find free puppies in Illinois from the breed you prefer.


How to find the best puppies for adoption


When you adopt a dog, be aware of mixed breed dogs. Mixed breed dogs make excellent pets as well! But if you are looking for a pure breed, do ask for the paperwork.


A free puppy adoption from overseas locations could be a scam. Always check out the Internet what other people say about the websites you want to adopt your puppies from.


It’s recommended that you adopt puppies from shelters or responsible breeders. Always visit responsible breeders to see for yourself how clean and sanitary the premises look. When you see one sick-looking puppy in the litter, the bigger and still healthy looking dogs could become sick too.


Make your life and that of your future puppy easy by adopting puppies from healthy litters or from shelters with a veterinary. You recognize healthy puppies when:


  • they will walk straight without a limp
  • they are free of any mucous (wet or dried) around their ears, nose or eyes
  • their eyes are bright, clear and point straight ahead.


The best puppy to adopt from a litter is the puppy that wants to greet you and play with you. If they all want to play with you: choose for the desired looks and sex.


Always allocate a considerable amount of time for looking for a free puppy to adopt. In return, once you have adopted your puppy, it’s a decision you will have to live with as long as your dog will live 🙂


Free puppies in Illinois for adoption


When you want to put up free puppies in Illinois for adoption, or you want to adopt a puppy in Illinois, please leave a comment.

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22 Responses

  1. 1 Julia
    2009 Aug 26

    I would like to adopt a yorkie puppy.
    Please contact me if its possible.
    Take care,

  2. 2 genesis
    2011 Aug 08

    Dear Free puppies for adoption,

    My name is Genesis Everett.

    I promise to make sure that the Yorkie puppies will be loved and cared for in a loving environment.

    There will be 3 children,1 teenager,3 adults taking good care of the adorable puppies.

    Take care,

  3. 3 dominique
    2011 Aug 11

    Hey I was looking for a nice puppy for my family

  4. 4 felly
    2011 Sep 20

    Hello to all who need free yorkie puppies,i got two male and female free yorkie puppies available for adoption.
    Contact me directly at my email address which is:mikxavier2011[at} if you are very interested in getting one for your family.

  5. 5 Gary
    2011 Dec 21

    I’m looking for a free small breed puppy for my family. We bought an aKC registered Shih Tzu from a breeder and it turned out to be deathly ill. We took it to the vet immediately and they said it had liver stints and liver failure. The breeder has been under investigation before and is being forced to shut down. It took us over $500 to run all the tests on the puppy and unfortunately she had to be put to sleep otherwise she’d have to be on meds and physical therapy for the rest of her life… if she made it through the surgeries. That took all of our money and my two young children and wife are not taking it well. I was wondering if anyone might possibly have a small breed puppy they’d like to get rid of. I promise we will take excellent care of it. I would prefer to get them a female and best case scenario would be by Christmas, Please contact me asap if you could possibly help me out with this request. 3 zero 9 – 3 zero 3 – one one 4 six Thank you so much!

  6. 6 Billy Noble
    2012 Jan 16

    Hi, I would love to add a teacup yorkie to my family. My girlfriend has been looking for one for months but we just can’t afford to pay 500$ for a dog, she is a true animal lover, our home is very spacious and there would be plenty of room for him/her to roam. There are 3 people at my house and 2 little girls through out the week. If you could help me with this quest, I would greatly appreciate it. I want to surprise my girlfriend for valentines day.

  7. 7 Daniella holmes
    2012 Jan 18

    Hello Billy it will be done i belief your girlfriend will love a Yorkie.Well i am a vert and will love to help you but you will only have to pay for herc flight which will be 350usd.e-mail me at [email protected] or call at 23795375484.

  8. 8 Nick Barton
    2012 Feb 20

    Hi, My daughter is 8 going on 9 and is ready to be responsible and take care of her own puppy. We are looking for something in a small breed possibly a pomeranian or maltise, something small and very loving 🙂 We can’t afford alot but are willing to pay some. If you have the puppy of her dreams please contact us. Thank You

  9. 9 Itzarely
    2012 Mar 05

    i really want a husky let me know if u have any please

  10. 10 nikki
    2012 Mar 06

    Bulldog my husband has wanted a bulldog forever and weve been lookin at pupies tryin to find one could u call him @ 217-251-8731

  11. 11 christine biddle
    2012 Mar 17

    i am looking for a yorkie or silky terrier. on the small side, 8 lbs. max. must get along with kitties! male/female, young/old-it doesn’t matter!

  12. 12 jane cox
    2012 May 07

    i am going to be in ill on the 25th of may(i live in arizona) and i am coming to see my daugther(she lives in ashley,ill) and would love to give her a female yokie for her birthday. she has been a very good person all her life and her son was dianoised with type one diabetes 6 years ago and has always put her feelingss to the side to always think of others. i have a yokie and she fell in love with her as i did and i would really like to have one of your dogs to give to her. please concider me on adopting one of your dos for her.

  13. 13 kaylee denham
    2012 May 22

    hi i am trying to adopt a free puppy particularly near peoria doesnt matter what breed or if they are mixed.thank you.

  14. 14 Breyana Thomas
    2012 May 23


    Im a college student and I’ve had a dog before but he died but it was natural causes he was getting old. I just wanted a new dog to call my own I love animals especially dogs and I want a yorkie but any small dog would do that doesn’t grow to big. I have 3 nephews and one niece who’s madly in love with dogs and my sister who doesn’t really want animals in the house but the dog would be staying in my care and my moms care when I need her to dogsit. So if you have any dogs your giving away please let me know and email me anytime. Thanks have a great day!!

  15. 15 eduardo meza
    2012 Jun 12

    Hello I’m looking for pit bull puppy or bulldog puppy I love dogs and my dog isn’t gonna live much longer so please help

  16. 16 cj
    2012 Jun 22

    Looking for a bulldog puppy to adopt. male or female.

  17. 17 Maddy Douglas
    2012 Jul 13

    Hello, I was looking for a yorkie to adopt for free. Please let me know if anything is available at Maddy.Danielle[at] thanks.

    2012 Jul 13

    I have a 4 yr old and she wants a puppy so bad… she wants a mini white chihuhua or an all white bulldog. Can anyone help us? She just lost her dad & it would be so great to see her happy again. She ‘ll take anything cute but she likes small/medium dogs. Please help?

  19. 19 Josh
    2012 Aug 14

    My name is Joshua I own 2 dogs and we are looking for another dog 🙂
    I love dogs and will do anything to help out and give them a loving home and family. I am looking for a small breed puppy that is free and gets along with other dogs. I am located in Rock Falls, IL.

  20. 20 Lily Perna
    2013 Jan 08

    I would like to get apup maybe two They will have a loving home please contact mr asap at [email protected]

  21. 21 Kristy
    2013 Apr 25

    Hello everyone. I am looking for a bulldog puppy hopefully for free. I am willing to pay a small rehoming fee if needed but that’s bout it. My family and I already have one dog, boxer mix, that wen adopted about 7 yes ago. So we area familiar with dogs and puppies. We live in a house with a yard and someone will always be home with the puppy. We are located near Chicago, IL. Thanks so much!!

  22. 22 Marquita Johnson
    2016 Jun 15

    I’m looking for small puppies yorkies shokies morkies teddy bears if you know where I can get please contact me at 7734593284

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