house training a chihuahua

Enjoy a clean house: routine is the keyword in successful chihuahua potty training: do know that chihuahuas need at least to go potty twice a day.

You can teach your Chihuahua to eliminate upon command with time and patience. Watch your puppy carefully. They will often start looking for something when they are about to go:

  • catch your puppy at that point and take him to the toilet area
  • praise him wonderfully if he does what you want him to.

You may be surprised just how much and how fast your puppy Chihuahua responds.


  • if you want a gentle and well balanced Chihuahua when it grows up you must treat your puppy with gentle training. Negative behavior must be dealt with in a consistent and kind manner, not by slapping, hitting and kicking. Positive behavior must consistently be rewarded both with praise and with treats.
  • one method of training your puppy is the crate method. Confine your puppy in a crate or a small area. Puppies usually will not soil their sleeping area. Very frequently remove the puppy to an area for waste elimination. When the puppy does have an accident, you can quickly rush them to the appropriate area. But, remember, accidents will happen and do be patient and consistent.

Things you need to know about your Chihuahua

Most adult Chihuahuas can learn to hold it for eight to ten hours if they have to.

Pay attention to your Chihuahua’s toilet schedule. Their eliminations are pretty predictable if you tune in and watch:

  • adult Chihuahuas usually need to go at least two times a day and
  • young Chihuahua puppies more often.

An intelligent Chihuahua usually wants to please his master. He will feed off of the tone and emotion in your voice. In most cases, if you tell him "bad Chihuahua" in a stern voice he will understand that you are displeased with him and that is enough punishment.  He should respond equally well to praise for a job well done. It’s all right to give the Chihuahua small rewards when he goes in the right place.

House training your Chihuahua should be relatively easy if your Chihuahua understands the rules you give him.

Confusion over what he is or isn’t allowed to do is what causes problems. You, as the owner and master of the Chihuahua, have to take control of the situation and outline the rules your Chihuahua must follow.

Chihuahuas learn through repetition and consistency. If you are not consistent with what you ask of him then he will not be consistent with his response to your expectations.

Chihuahuas are particular about where they "do their business". As a rule, they do not usually like to defecate or urinate where they sleep. That is a good place to begin with house training.

How to house train your Chihuahua

Keep your Chihuahua confined to a small sleeping area during bedtime and then, when you get up first thing in the morning, take him to wherever he is allowed to go to the bathroom.

Leave him there until he "does his business". When he is finished you should praise him for being a good dog.

Do this consistently and your Chihuahua should eventually learn the routine. It can be a challenge house training a Chihuahua, but stick with it ad all will work out.

"Routine" is the key word here. Whether you start with a new puppy, or if you bring home an adult Chihuahua, he has no idea of where his bathroom area is unless you point it out to him.

He may not learn it right away and he may make a mistake or two along the way. Don’t be too harsh on him at first. You don’t want him to think that he’s going to get a spanking or have his nose rubbed in it any time he goes to the bathroom. That doesn’t work.

He will just wait until he thinks you aren’t looking and then he will "do his business" and get away from it before you find out and spank him.

Punishment, in the form of voice reprimand, should be inflicted, only when you catch your Chihuahua in the act!. If you don’t catch him within a few seconds of his relieving himself then you are better off to ignore his miscues and focus on the things he does properly. Praise him for doing well.

It is a good idea to use one word that is always a signal that it is time to go "do your business". At our house the keyword is "go out?". If we say to our Chihuahua "let’s go out!", that means it is bathroom time.

Our hihuahua is let out in our garden early in the morning, several times a day (or all day in nice weather), and again just before bed time.

When old Chihuahuas have the routine down well, they actually help to house train new Chihuahua puppies. Anyway, whether you use "out", "potty", or whatever, pick one word or phrase that your Chihuahua will come to understand means that it is toilet time.

Understandably, the best way to train your Chihuahua is to be there with it all of the time. That isn’t always possible for most people but you still need to be sure you spend as much time with the Chihuahua as is necessary to get him to bond with you and to want to please you.

If you must be absent from your Chihuahua then leave him in his sleeping quarters until you get back and then let him out to go to the bathroom. Don’t punish him if he has an accident while you are gone; just take him out to "do his business" and praise him if he does it in the right place.

If you live in a situation where your Chihuahua has to live indoors and be paper-trained: do try using a litter box!

When you follow the tips and techniques above, your chihuahua will be potty trained sooner than later: if you are persistent and reward your pet when he or she deserves it, you will be successful.

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