House Training a Dog

house training a dog

Enjoy a house free of dog urine! House training a dog work well when you follow our 3 basic tips.

We have been there done that: got a new puppy or dog that wasn’t trained and wanting to do their business in the house. We asked our dog breeder what we had to do and he gave us the following 3 housebreaking tips that work all the time:

3 tips to house train your dog

1 Take your dog out a lot

In the early stages, before your pet has established any kind of bad dog routines, do take your new puppy outside as much as possible.

Let your dog play around outside and let him get used to naturally do his business there, as and when he needs to.

Don’t underestimate this step: if a dog has never done it outdoors, he might get nervous or shy when you insist he does his business outside.

2 Listen to your dog

Dogs are clean animals and by instinct they know it’s a good idea to keep their toilet away from where they live or play. Do be alert when:

  • your puppy starts looking for corners, under sofas, behind chairs or goes in cupboards when they need to go.
  • they start scratch with the intent "to dig a hole to go in".

Watch out for these signs, because they mean your pup is about to make a mess!

As in step one, immediately take your dog outside once you notice any signs that refer to toilet business, so your pup will get the idea: "when I need to go, my master will take me out".

Eventually your pup will adjust and start going or scratching at the door to let you know what’s up. You are now halfway there!

3 Tell your dog off, but not too much

We all have to go to this: your puppy has done his business inside the house. Both you and the puppy are in fault, so adjust as good as possibe:

  • take your puppy over to where he went,
  • point out to the mess and say a firm "No" and
  • take him outside.

I can hear you thinking, "but he just did his business, why taking him outside"? Because your dog needs to associate that the "No" means "don’t make a mess inside, outside is the way to go".

Consistency is key. You’re building a pattern of association, and hopefully he’ll remember that next time. Dogs don’t want to get punished so sooner or later he will get the idea that outside there aren’t bad consequences.

It’s important that you don’t tell him off too much, or he might associate he is not allowed to do his business at all. Which will end up in your pup hiding his mess somehwere around the house. That’s when you get those mysterious unpleasant smells which you just can’t pinpoint where they come from. Observer your puppy well and you will learn what the problem is.

House training a dog boils down to observe your dog, take him out and be persistent until your dogs gets the routine. Some stubborn dogs will take longer than others, but when you do your part of the work, your pup will end up doing his thing outside.

Always remember: you make your dog the happiest ever is you take him out for a walk on a regular daily time, so he can do his business along the way.

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