Lhasa apso puppies for adoption

Free puppies for adoption: leave a comment if you would love to have one of these 8 lhasa apso puppies for adoption.


8 lhasa apso puppies from same litter for adoption


Looking for responsible future dog owners to adopt one of these 8 lhasa apso puppies.


Lhasa apso dogs are a small bread with long and straight hair. Dog owners need to be aware that this god breed needs careful brushing with a comb twice a week.


These dogs get along well with children and any other dogs or pets. They are calm, loyal, and lovable, enjoy company, but are wary of strangers.


When training lhasa apso puppies do consider their obstinate character: don’t use harsh words but do use positive reinforcement when training your puppy.


Having normal exercise needs, being quite happy indoors and no need to go for long walks, these lhasa apso puppies are ideal for adoption when living in an apartment in a city with parks nearby (US or Canada only).

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86 Responses

  1. 1 jane
    2012 May 03

    To all those who need free lhasa puppies, do contact me directly at abagjima[at]gmail.com

  2. 2 amber york
    2012 May 21

    i wantt one of these puppies soo baddd!

  3. 3 Ludmilla
    2012 May 26

    please contact me by email. I would like to adopt one! tks

  4. 4 tamie
    2012 Jun 30

    i have twins daughter and we have always own a lhasa but just here recently we had to put our dog down and we i genuine sad and looking for another lhasa. im unable to purchase one so if by chance you have a litter that you are wanting to give away we woud be glad to take care of one with all our heart to help fill the void of our lost family member. please let us know thank you kindly

  5. 5 Charise watkins
    2012 Jul 03

    Hi im looking to adopt a purebred lasa my lasa shih needs a playmate we r looking for a female brown and black we have a lovely apt and we have a lot of love and room to give another dog we will take excellent care of our new addition to the family and we only feed the best dog food which is grain free, we r looking forward to a life long commitment with our new addition, so please let me know soon.

  6. 6 april newberry
    2012 Jul 13

    hey i love these little cute guys i would like to know if you have any more puppies or have any due pretty soon. i am sure we can give the little thing as much love that it could ever have. we had to just recently put our loved pal to sleep after 5 years due to a car breaking his two hind legs so he could never walk again. please send me an email and inform me if u have anymore free puppies. thanks

  7. 7 Brown S.
    2012 Jul 20

    Last summer I had to put my lhasa apso of 15 yrs to speel, ,it has left a great hole in my heart, she was older than my children so if you have any puppies please contract me with cost an location.

  8. 8 Nicole
    2012 Aug 12

    I am very interested in one or possibly two of your Lhasa Apso puppies. I just moved into a new home and could definitely use the love & company. If you still have some puppies available please contact me by email as soon as possible to discuss shipping, etc..

    Thank you, Nicole Donaldson

  9. 9 Nick
    2012 Aug 17

    I am very interested in one of your Lhasa Apso puppies.

  10. 10 carrie
    2012 Aug 19

    i would like to get a puppy for my granddaughter. but i have no money to buy one. my granddaughter is going to be 9 years old on the 20 of augusted , she has wented one for will over two years but i am on low income and cant afford one. it would make her dreams come true, if i could get one, please think about it. thankyou

  11. 11 Kate Phillips
    2012 Sep 10

    My husband and I are recent retirees and have also sadly lost our 14 yeaar old dog. We would love to get another and have fallen in love with our friend’s Lhasa Apso. Please reply. We’d love to adopt one of your puppies. Thanks for your time.

  12. 12 edna butler
    2012 Sep 17

    i well love to have one of your puppies in my home my husband i live in Aberdeen Md i love this breed of dog need to get one. thanks for your time

  13. 13 Pam
    2012 Oct 02

    pls contact me if there are any free Lhasa apso puppies that need a good home

  14. 14 JIM POND
    2012 Nov 09

    My Lhasa Muffin 12 year old died Oct. 31’12
    I’m lost and need another partner.

  15. 15 ruth
    2012 Dec 01

    Looking to find a companion for our dog who recently lost her mate. She looks for her but she had to be put down due to a stroke. Her mate was a female lhaso aspo, black and white. If you can be of assistance, would be very nice. I see you have a long line of people already in line for these dogs. We need a female. thanks firstleven[at]yahoo.com

  16. 16 Brittney Roumou
    2012 Dec 17

    Hi, Im very interested in your puppy. This will be my fist dog and im excited. So if you could please contact me at as soon as you can so i can get a puppy for Christmas. my number is 845-467-7505 Thank You

  17. 17 paulette sexton
    2012 Dec 29

    i just saw your website and i would like some imformation about a female lhasa !!!!!!! my dog tara was a lhasa apso and she passed away on sept.13 she was my love , she was 20…… where are you located at and if any lhasas are available?

  18. 18 Cisco Nochera
    2013 Jan 12

    Our lhasa of 16 years, Harpo, just died. Do you have any free lhasas?

  19. 19 jamie
    2013 May 01

    i am interestedin the puppies. my family is ready to add a furry little animal to our family. my number is 513 888 0735

  20. 20 livy
    2013 May 13

    hello v have a family of 4 and 2 dogs,i was wonderin if you have any of the free lhasa’s left as i would love to get one as a surprise gift for my lil sister pls contact mee… m very eager to get one of these as her last pup had died and she has been very down ever since pls let me know …

  21. 21 sanai
    2013 May 22

    My friend has a Lhasa apso and i love the breed so much please email asap if you have a free puppy availible

  22. 22 Barb
    2013 Jun 07

    I am looking to adopt a puppy, my husband has been sick over the last couple of years and his companion a long haired teacup Chihuahua of 15 years passed away in November. We are missing having such a loving companion in our lives and are ready to welcome a new baby to our family. We are in late 50’s and have a great home in quiet neighborhood and fenced yard. Please let us know if you have any females available.

  23. 23 judy hill
    2013 Aug 01

    I would love one of these dogs I have a poodle mix that would really get along with one of the pups. Dogs need company. we live in martin, MI. We have a huge yard in country. please reply.

  24. 24 Olivia
    2013 Aug 06

    I want a free yorkie family of 6 including me. very playful house

  25. 25 Don Hanson
    2013 Aug 14

    My wife would love to have a teacup yorkie. Our 1st year anniversary is coming up in 2 weeks. i would love to surprise her with a free teacup yorkie. that would be the best anniversary present. Please, please, please.

  26. 26 Norah Leon
    2013 Aug 28

    Hi, I have a lovely home in florida and would like to have a puppy. I had a llaso Apso years ago. I live alone but my grandkids stay with me during the summer and holidays when possible, they are 12 and 18 yrs old. I’d love the company and would treat the puppy very well, I’m also retired, so I have plenty of time to pamper and train the puppy. Please allow me to give a puppy a wonderful home. Thank you.:)


  27. 27 jacki
    2013 Aug 30

    Hi, I am trying to surprise my husband with a llaso apso puppy if possible. It is his favorite type of dog. I have had several myself and just love everything about them.

    Our home consist of just he and I and a cat name Mello. Named Mello for self explanatory reasons. I think a puppy would be a great addition to our family bringing much joy and love to an already loving home.

    We can not afford the prices wanted for a full bred this or that but have what it takes to raise a small loving dog with a good disposition in our home anytime soon. The search so far has been exhausting. Do you think you could help us?

    If not a puppy, we will consider a slightly older llaso or other breed with similar attributes. And don’t forget, this is a surprise for Dave, my husband.

    Thanx so much,


    860268-1330 cell

  28. 28 Bridgette
    2016 Mar 02

    Hi there! I had just recently had lost a baby, you could only imagine the pain and mental anguish my family and I have suffered. After this horrible ordeal, my husband suggested that we adopt another dog, to kind of get our minds off the tragedy. We have 2 already. My Yorkie is 3 and he needs a new playmate. My lasa is 15 so she’s not much fun. We have 2 children as well. Two girls, ages, 6 and 9. Please let me know if we would be a good fit. Thank you so much for your time. Have a beautiful and blessed day.

    Bridgette GT

  29. 29 A J Osborne
    2016 Mar 12

    had a Lhasa for about 9 yrs….female,,,,loved her like a family member…..my grown children still talk about her, how sweet & smart she was…she was my constant companion & I miss her….would love to find another one …..

  30. 30 Dwanna Riley
    2016 Mar 14

    Hello I am looking for a small puppy. I had a toy poodle for 18yrs and had to put her to sleep due to ? problems it’s been 2yrs and I am longing for a new family member to arrive. I have no kids and just purchased a home. Thanks?

  31. 31 erin hammonds
    2016 Mar 19

    hello my name is erin and saw your website showing such cute puppies and was rather surprised to find them free. I am interested in a female if you have one available for my little one which is a Lhasa apso and chi combo. He is very active and loves to play with my husband and our children and with me. But when the kids are at school and we are at work it would be nice to know my little one has a friend to keep him company.

  32. 32 Thomas Stephens
    2017 Feb 01

    We would like to adopt one of your Lhasa Apso puppies listed Feb. 01 2017. Please let us know where their located and what we need to do to get one.
    Reply to my email; [email protected]
    Thank you;
    Thomas Stephens

  33. 33 anne Bogert
    2017 Feb 15

    Hi my name is Anne I lost my pekingese Moo 2 years ago. and then our 16 year old cat Cotton last year . we still have a cat named pixie . I am looking for a puppie preferable small to medium size to be loved by my husband and myself and to be a sibling to Pixie . I do not care about sex or color and the puppie will be nuetered so not for breeding just a family memeber . I am used to grooming Pixie is a himlayan and gets groomed daily. we do not have a fenced in yard so I would be walking the puppy several times a day

  34. 34 Jacqui Rilea
    2018 Dec 26

    Hi I applied for a yorkie but you have more Lhasa apso. Once again if possible I would like a frmale. If not that is fine. I live in a apartment in Canton IL. Village Square. Elderly and need a comfort animal. Thank you for considering me.

    Sharing in Christs Love
    Jacqui Rilea

    2019 Jan 07


  36. 36 DeAnna Anderson
    2019 Jan 18

    I am in need of a puppy if you still have one available. I have a disability that requires me to have a companion animal and I believe that as much affection the puppy and will both give each other the attention we both need. Thank you

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