Training a beagle puppy

Find out how training a hyperactive beagle puppy can be successful and fun, as well for you as for your pup.

Training Beagle Puppies

Beagle puppies are often being passed off as being disobedient, un-trainable, hyperactive and mischievous.

While there is some truth in it, life with a beagle puppy can be enormously enjoyable, fun and downright interesting. What you need is patience, love and the right beagle training principles we will teach you to train your beagle puppy.

Training a beagle puppy cheat sheet

Before training a dog or a puppy, make sure you follow each and every of the following 7 dog obedience tips:

  1. Get your beagle puppy to love its food: try several brands of dog food, and use the one that your beagle loves during your puppy training sessions
  2. Use dog training products exclusive for training: your beagle puppy will look forward to its training session when it realizes that these "toys" are only available during training.
  3. Start young (minimum 5 weeks) but do remember that beagle pup’s attention span isn’t very long. Start out with 4 or 5 minutes of dog training at a time.
  4. Be a firm dog trainer, be excited and praise when praise is due!
  5. You as the dog trainer needs to be the pack leader: dogs are most obedient when they know their place in the pack: you should be on top!
  6. Keep patient, persevere and make 100% sure you and your dog love the training sessions all the time, every time! Beagles love to have fun, so being excited during their dog training will help in prolonging your puppy’s attention span.
  7. Use your puppies voluntary behavior: when your beagle puppy does something voluntarily that can be used as wanted behavior, praise your puppy by teaching him the word for that behavior. You’ll be amazed how quick a beagle puppy learn this way.

Beagle dog training

Know your dog breed. Beagles are hunting dogs so they love the outdoors. Make sure you start your puppy training ASAP with letting your beagle puppy out each day for at least half an hour:

  • for exercise and
  • for plenty of fun, human interaction.

Training beagles is fun as beagles love to please!

Start training your puppy in your garden. Once puppies are obedient there, go to the outdoors where there is much more distractive excitement interfering with you training your dog.

At 10-weeks old, you can start calling your beagle puppy "Come here" with lot of excitement in your voice:

  • When your puppy comes back to you, praise and if needed or desired, give the puppy her favorite treat.
  • When your puppy comes back a few times, you are sure she knows the command
  • Only then when she is disobedient (as all little puppies will do from time to time) punish her by:
    • waving your finger at her in disapproval
    • speaking in a harsh, disappointed voice
    • put her in a "punish position" or on a "punish place" (like what your mom did when she ordered you to stand in a corner).

During beagle puppy training, always make sure your puppy understands that:

  • it’s more fun to please you and "play your game" than it is to not obey you
  • you are the boss, but you are a boss that knows how to make fun!

Once you see your beagle puppy lying on the ground, teach her the "down" command.

Add to that the "keep" command to keep your dog in the same position: hold her tight to the ground with your hands if needed and keep on teaching the "keep" command.

Again when training beagle puppies:

  • enforce your command at all costs; otherwise you lost your credibility
  • NEVER let your puppy get away ignoring you, never!
  • praise when commands are obeyed and punish with a verbal scolding
  • always finish any dog training exercise with a command that has been obeyed and give lots of praise.

Teach your dog to go in his doghouse when needed, and add to that the "keep" command so your dog knows he has to keep there.

I train all my dogs to go into their doghouses on command and I keep them there with the ‘whoa’ command. I’ll point to the doghouse and command ‘get in there’, or ‘go lie down’. I do this because I don’t like getting jumped on come feeding time – and a dog in the doghouse is much less apt to get into trouble by barking when they see me coming, or hear the food dishes clang.

Training my dog

Since we use our beagles to go and hunt rabbits, at 3 months of age, we will take our pet rabbit in the garden, let it hop around some time and fix it at one location (we tie it to our apple tree). Then we introduce our beagle puppy in the garden and wait.

We wait until voluntarily until our beagle puppy will notice a new scent in the garden. Once she managed to follow the scent and find the rabbit, teach your puppy the word rabbit.

Then let the rabbit loose: it will run away and excite your beagle puppy to follow it (which goes naturally most of the time). Again you have your beagle puppy voluntary sniffing and looking for the rabbit, so you just have to teach here the command: "find" during the activity.

In order to training a beagle puppy getting used to gunshots, it’s always a good idea to fire a gun at feeding time.

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