Weiner Dogs

whinner dogs

All you want to know about weiner dogs, you might know them as wiener dogs, teckles or daschhunds.

Other names for weiner dogs

Some people will spell this breed as being winer dogs. Dog breeders prefer to call then dachshunds and they are also known as:

  • whinner or whiner dogs
  • sausage dogs and
  • teckles.

How to keep weiner dogs without ever buying one

If you are a pet lover, but your lifestyle doesn’t allow you to walk your dog daily, there are other ways of enjoying whinner dogs like:

  • dachshund Christmas cards
    dachshund christmas cards
  • weiner dog shirts
    dachshund shirts
  • write dachshund checks or
    dachshund checks
  • give a dog lover a great dachshund gift like these dachshund shaped soap bars
    dachshunds gifts
    or this cute pepper and salt teckle gift idea:
    dachshund gift

Everybody laughs with the Ugly Dachshund DVD

the ugly dachshund dvd

Weiner dogs are a very intelligent and lively breed of dogs. No wonder they have been used a lot to feature in movies. If you are a movie lover, then get yourself the overly funny Walt Disney’s The Ugly Dachshund DVD. The movie starts whit a complex but hilarious joke that has the Garrisons couple racing to the hospital for what appears to be the birth of a child. You soon learn that the family’s dachshund is having 3 puppies…

ugly dachshund dvd

For the rest of the Ugly Dachshund DVD you will be enjoying light comedy and not too serious explorations of married life. The film is filled with fun, getting the most possible mileage out of a family comedy about dogs.

Weiner dogs summarized

As you can see in the above pictures, these are cute dogs to have or to feature in cute gifts.

If you want to see how intelligent weiner dogs are, then watch them performing in the Ugly Dachshund DVD.

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